Awareness needed to combat glaucoma: experts

Sunday, 19 March 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The principal of Government Doon Medical College (GDMC) Dr Ashutosh Sayana has said that screening of the above 40 years of population would help in preventing the blindness caused by glaucoma. He was addressing a programme organised at the GDMC on the occasion of the World Glaucoma Week. He said that Glaucoma blindness is preventable. Dr Sayana said that the department of Ophthalmology of the GDMC has all the equipment needed for the medical and surgical management of Glaucoma. 

The head of department of Radiation oncology Dr Daulat Singh said that the blindness caused by Glaucoma can be reduced by increasing public awareness.

 The head of department of ophthalmology Dr Yusuf Rizvi said that with newer screening tools and equipment the diagnosis can be made early but patients have to come to the Hospital and visit an ophthalmologist as it is a serious condition and needs to be treated as early as possible.

The Professor, Ophthalmology Dr Shanti Pandey said that there is a need to create awareness about glaucoma and as it is a silent killer therefore it needs to be treated and diagnosed as soon as possible. Dr Pandey added that Glaucoma can affect younger people and newborn also. 

The Associate Professor, Ophthalmology Dr Sushil Ojha said that Glaucoma is now the second most common cause of Blindness. “In this the blindness is basically progressive loss of visual field rather than vision loss. If diagnosed early the progression in the form of increasing visual field loss can be prevented. The newer curriculum of MBBS also focuses on preventive medicine as with this outreach to the public is exponentially higher compared to curative medicine,’’ he said.

 The Glaucoma Week was organised by the department from March 12 to 18. An awareness programme was organised during the week in the Eye OPD of the hospital. The theme of World Glaucoma Week 2023 this year was ‘The world is bright, save your sight’.

Dr Ojha said that a total of 400 patients were investigated for glaucoma during the week and there was a positivity of the disease in 3 per cent cases. The department has started the treatment of 12 patients.

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