Nuisance by revellers cause of concern for Doon residents

Friday, 29 December 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The residents of Dehradun have expressed concern about the nuisance caused by revellers during New Year celebrations. While considerable noise pollution late into the night is common on such occasions in various parts of the city, residents of some areas like Rajpur Road and Old Rajpur have expressed their concern regarding the nuisance caused by tourists from places like Delhi and Haryana tourists who come to celebrate the New Year in Doon. They claimed that as the New Year approaches, the Rajpur Road area is filled with tourist vehicles. Additionally, the arrival of tourists also creates a disturbance for the residents in different localities of the city. Many revellers also consume liquor either in places where it is permitted or in public places where it is banned. Drunk revellers also tend to create nuisance and increase the risk of traffic accidents, the locals said.

Local resident Suchitra Mehra said that several incidents have been reported in the past wherein tourists got involved in violent altercations during the New Year celebrations. The influx of tourists has already begun in the Rajpur Road area with the approach of the New Year. The disruptive atmosphere created by tourists also hinders the residents’ ability to celebrate the New Year, especially for those living in the Rajpur Road area, she added.

Another resident of Rajpur Road area Sandy Singh said, “With the arrival of tourists to celebrate the New Year in Mussoorie, we had to cancel our plans for the occasion. There is significant traffic congestion just outside residential areas due to the tourists and there is a lack of regulation to address this issue. I request the relevant authorities to take measures regarding this matter for the benefit of the residents.”

A senior citizen Purshottam Oberoi told this correspondent that the influx of tourists to celebrate the New Year in Mussoorie has commenced. However, the arrival of tourists has negatively impacted the atmosphere, particularly for senior citizens and children. Traffic congestion, public consumption of liquor and excessive noise from loud music have caused disturbance that requires immediate attention from the relevant authorities for the sake of a peaceful New Year, Oberoi said.

It is pertinent to mention here that the police have made various arrangements to ensure that law and order is not disturbed during the New Year celebrations. It remains to be seen whether the measures are effectively implemented.

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