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World Anaesthesia day celebrated at GDMC

Sunday 17 October, 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

A programme to commemorate the world Anaesthesia day was organised at Government Doon Medical College (GDMC) Dehradun on Saturday.

 The Head of Department (HoD) Anaesthesia of GDMC, Dr Gaurav Chopra welcomed all faculty members and residents in the programme. He informed that the safety of anaesthesia has increased over time. Dr Chopra said that now even newborn and patients who are more than 100 years old with any type of co-morbidity for every possible procedure can be safely anesthetized. Associate professor, Dr Atul Kumar Singh said that apart from their work anaesthesiologists have been successfully managing intensive care units (ICU) and various interventional pain procedures. He added that during the Covid-19 pandemic the department of anaesthesia of GDMC Dehradun did a commendable work to manage the patients admitted in the hospital.

A special session for the general public was also organised on the occasion in which they were made aware about the importance of pre anaesthetic checkups and anaesthesia. Dr Shobha, Dr Swati, Dr Sakshi, Dr Vandana, Dr Himani and junior residents and technicians also took part in the session.

October 16 is observed as World Anaesthesia Day every year to remember the ‘first successful use of diethyl ether’ in the year 1846. Anaesthesia refers to a state of temporary impairment of awareness or sensation of the whole body or a part of the body so that any painful surgical procedure could be done without the patient having any sensations or knowing about the procedure. 

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