Mehendi stalls cause congestion in Paltan Bazaar

Monday, 15 APRIL 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The rising traffic congestion in the markets, especially Paltan Bazaar, is being attributed to the Mehendi stalls set up on the roads of the market, the local residents said. Street vendors have consistently been linked to traffic congestion. However, a section of people said that not only street vendors but also Mehendi stall operators who set up stalls on the roads of the markets are causing traffic congestion, particularly at Paltan Bazaar. Creating a separate section for setting up such stalls along with verified licenses would be a more effective solution to alleviate traffic congestion, the local residents said.

Local resident Jeevika Jena expressed concerns regarding the escalating traffic congestion, specifically in market areas. She emphasised that it is unfair to solely attribute this congestion to street vendors. She said that significant obstruction comes from Mehendi stall owners who occupy large portions of the roads, rather than street vendors in designated spots. She recommended that authorities should address this issue by providing a dedicated space for Mehendi stall owners to conduct their business.

“To attract more customers, the Mehendi stall owners have extended their seating arrangement to cover half of the road in the market area. This not only inconveniences the public but also leads to traffic congestion. Additionally, such a setup violates the law. In addition to addressing street vendors, the authorities should also monitor the Mehendi stall arrangements to alleviate traffic congestion,” another local resident Prayag Yadav said.The president of the Doon Valley Mahanagar Udyog Vyapar Mandal (DVMUVM) Pankaj Masson told this correspondent that street vendors and Mehendi stall owners share responsibility for creating traffic congestion and other issues that can affect the ambiance of city markets. “Renting shopkeepers often allow Mehendi stall owners to set up their stalls to help cover their expenses. Both street vendors and Mehendi stall owners often operate without the necessary licenses, engaging in illegal activities that exacerbate issues like traffic congestion and theft. To address these concerns, authorities should designate a specific area for these vendors and make it mandatory for all to obtain proper licenses before setting up stalls,” he added.

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