TSR inaugurates Hemp project in remote village of Pauri

Thursday, 25 November 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

The former chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat inaugurated the industrial hemp based Himalayan Hemp Eco State Project in Faldakot Mala village in Yamkeshwar block of Pauri district on Wednesday. Speaking on the occasion he said that apart from promoting local products the project would help in generating employment. Rawat said that the many problems can be solved by promoting local products and use of minimum resources.

In the building of the project the use of hemp fibre and wood is made in building monolith walls, block masonry, wall plaster and roof insulation. The oil of hemp seed is used in polishing the wooden works in the building. Interestingly the bed sheets and pillow covers too are made of hemp fibre in the building. In the building the fusion of the modern hemp craft technology is made with traditional architecture of Garhwal. The building meets its energy requirement by solar panels.

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