District administration starts registration of shopkeepers

Thursday 14, 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

In view of ensuring food safety in the Dehradun district, the district administration has started the campaign of registering shopkeepers in remote areas of the district. The food safety officer PC Joshi informed that there are about 10,000 shopkeepers across the districts which are registered with the administration. However, he added that the number of registered shops that operate in the small colonies and remote areas is almost negligible considering which, department decided to start the campaign. “Many shopkeepers do not even know that it is mandatory to register the shops and get a license to operate them. We are coordinating with the respective business associations too to make more shopkeepers aware of the campaign. This drive will also help in minimising the sale of adulterated food items in the district too,” stated Joshi. He also informed that the department has formed teams that have been given weekly targets to conduct inspections and collect food samples to control the food adulteration during the festival season. He said that the department is taking all the steps to ensure food safety in the district and more such measures will be taken in future too.

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