Criminal antecedents of candidates to be publicised before voters

Saturday, 15 January 2022 | PNS | Dehradun

Each candidate contesting the Assembly election will have to disclose information about his or her criminal antecedents. The state’s chief electoral officer Sowjanya informed that the Election Commission has issued guidelines regarding publication of criminal antecedents by contesting candidates. She informed that all candidates will fill a form with details of all criminal records related to them and submit it to the commission. The political parties will also have to disclose information about the criminal antecedents of their candidates on the party website. The political parties will also have to provide information about the qualifications and achievements of their candidates. During the campaign period, the candidates will have to publish details of their criminal antecedents in vernacular and national newspapers three times, said the CEO. The returning officer will monitor this while the district election officer will compile the report on the same. This report will be sent to the Election Commission through the CEO. Sowjanya further said that in observance of the Supreme Court orders, all will have to follow the criminal antecedents procedure. She also appealed to all the candidates and political parties to ensure that this procedure is followed as required. 

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