Cong focusing on polls instead of the people- BJP

While teaching others about policy, system and service, the Congress is busy in internal factionalism instead of fighting against Covid-19. Stating this, the Bharatiya Janata Party state president Madan Kaushik opined that the Congress is banking solely on disinformation to somehow win the coming elections in the state to return to power.

He said that Congress leaders were busy visiting Delhi during the second wave of Covid while playing a negligible role in serving the public. They have not been able to do anything aparty from playing negative politics and consistently raising questions at the system. Due to this, the impression among the general public is that the Congress is fighting against the public instead of standing with it.

Kaushik said, “The Congress accorded priority to protests and rallies instead of serving the public. It fanned misinformation apart from leveling allegations and counter allegations. When the people in the state were hassled for oxygen and blood among other services, the BJP workers provided all the facilities to the general public across the state.

The situation is now considerably under control and the focus is now on preventing the third wave and serving the public. However, the Congress is focusing on the 2022 elections and the party’s leader in Delhi.”

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