BH series registration likely to start after March 

Monday, 23 January 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The Transport department has prepared a draft to impose a tax on vehicles that would be registered under Bharat Series (BH series) in Uttarakhand. The officials informed that the department has decided to impose taxes as per the type of vehicle and the whole proposal to commence the registration process will be soon presented to the State administration for approval. The officials said that the BH series registration is likely to start in the new financial year. The registration process for the BH series has already started in many States across the country and according to the officials, the transport offices of Uttarakhand have also received some applications but they have been asked to wait for the registration process to officially start here. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) introduced a new form of number plates called the BH series in September 2021 for those who have to shift frequently to other cities due to their jobs. As per the rules of the Ministry, an employee must change the registration number of their vehicle at the new place after their transfer to a new State in their respective transport offices. With the introduction of the BH series number plates, the vehicle owner will not have to register their vehicle in the new State on his or her transfer. It is meant to help the owner in the seamless transfer of vehicles across the country. A BH series number plate comprises four components in the format YY BH #### XX where YY indicates the digits of the year when the vehicle was first registered, BH indicates series code, #### represents four random numbers and XX indicates two English alphabets.

The officials said that the software for the BH Series registration is already ready and after the administration approves the proposal, it would be presented in the cabinet. The registration is likely to start after March, as per the officials.

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