Traffic police continues inspections of school to prevent traffic mess

Saturday, 15 October 2022 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Considering the traffic jams caused due to poorly parked vehicles outside schools during peak hours, the Dehradun police have started conducting inspections of several schools in the city. The Dehradun superintendent of police (traffic) Akshay Konde informed that the traffic police identified 12 bottlenecks in the city that block traffic and had sent notices to heads of schools under these areas that cause the most traffic during peak hours seeking their cooperation to manage the traffic. He said that the schools were warned that all the vehicles belonging to the respective schools will be towed if they would not be parked inside the campus within the one week of the notice.

After the stipulated time, the police have started taking action against the school that failed to co-operate with authorities to manage traffic outside their schools during peak hours. The police on Friday inspected the parking management of the Saint Jude School and observed several vehicles parked outside the premises. The police made the school administration open their gates and get them to park all vehicles inside the school. 

Konde said that the traffic police have made five schools allow parking inside their respective campuses in the past four days. He said that the police will regularly conduct such inspections to ensure school administrations have made proper parking arrangements in their premises for students and parents. Stringent actions will be taken against schools if they continue to violate the guidelines of police, added Konde. 

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