SSP & DM conduct surprise inspection in Doon

Thursday 14, 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

In order to prevent traffic jams and overcrowding in public places during the festive season in Dehradun, the senior superintendent of police (SSP) Janmejaya Khanduri has directed the officials concerned to take action against encroachments on roads and marketplaces. He also instructed them to install barriers at the entry points of Paltan Bazaar to restrict the entry of four-wheeler vehicles to control traffic during the festival season. The police officials concerned have also been directed to conduct regular inspections in marketplaces twice a day.

On Wednesday, the SSP and district magistrate (DM) R Rajesh Kumar inspected various locations in the city like Chandan Nagar, Chhe Number Puliya and Paltan Bazaar along with the tax superintendent of the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) Vinay Pratap Singh to inspect arrangements in during the festive season. The officials observed during the inspection that many vendors at the wholesale market of fruits and vegetables in Chhe Number Puliya had spread several items on the stretch of the nearby road which was causing traffic congestion in the area. The officials ordered the removal of the items lying on the road and warned the shopkeepers of cancelling the license if they repeat the offence again. The authorities also removed the encroachment on the roads of Paltan Bazaar and warned the shopkeepers and vendors of action against them in future. During the inspection, the officials found many people including shopkeepers not wearing masks. Many people had also parked their vehicles outside the shops which also caused traffic jams. Considering this, Khanduri directed the officials to run a regular campaign in marketplaces to ensure the implementation of Covid guidelines and take action against those violating the rules. He also asked them to take action against those as per the law who fail to park vehicles properly in marketplaces.

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