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RWAs and councillors demand monitoring of fogging and spraying of larvicide

Friday, 22 SEPTEMBER 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The councillors and representatives of resident welfare associations (RWAs) in Dehradun have demanded proper monitoring of fogging and spraying of larvicide as they claimed that all of it appears ineffective considering the consistently increasing dengue cases in the city. Many councillors also blaned Smart City works for accumulation of water in various public places, that is purportedly leading to the breeding of dengue causing mosquitoes. They presented these points in the dengue prevention and awareness programme organised by Dehradun mayor Sunil Uniyal ‘Gama’ on Thursday. The programme was attended by representatives of RWAs, councillors, municipal commissioner Manuj Goyal, officials from the health section, district malaria officer and doctors, among others. Some councillors alleged that several drains are choked in the city because of Smart City works. They said that old drains were blocked to construct new ones but did not actually construct them due to which, water now accumulates near blocked drains providing favourable conditions for mosquito breeding, claimed councillors. They also claimed that spraying of larvicide and fogging are not being done inside smaller colonies and narrow lanes. The RWA members also said that rather than fogging on roads at higher levels, workers should put efforts to carry out fogging at lower levels for more effectiveness. The commissioner said in the programme that there is a crucial need to use scientific methods to tackle dengue rather than focussing on misconceptions like dengue causing mosquitoes breed only outside homes in water accumulated in potholes and roads. “The least we can do for dengue prevention is to not let water accumulate within our premises,” said Goyal. Senior physician Dr NS Bisht from the Dehradun district hospital said that urbanisation is the main cause of the spread of dengue in the city. “People have a misconception that dengue causing mosquitoes breed in drains, potholes and roads. These mosquitoes are mostly found inside our homes like in our drawing room and kitchen. Besides this, fogging is mostly effective in vulnerable or dengue-affected areas but excess of it will do more harm than good. The only way to prevent dengue is awareness about it. MCD should analyse and discuss the huge amount of money being spent for dengue prevention and how much of it is actually worth it,” he added. The mayor also said that MCD is taking all preventive measures against dengue but all will fail without active public participation.

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