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Covid vaccination drive slackens in U’khand

Only 2, 43,150 lakh doses of vaccines were administered in last 10 days

Thursday 14, 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

The laxity shown by the health department in the last few days has put a spanner in the plans of the state government to vaccinate the entire adult population before December 31. In the last ten days (October 3 to 12 October) only 2, 43,150 Lakh doses of vaccines were administered which has increased the per day target of vaccination. The department would now have to administer 66,266 vaccines in a day to achieve the target of 100 per cent vaccination till December 31. Releasing the 10th edition of the vaccine meter, the founder of Social Development for Communities (SDC) foundation, Anoop Nautiyal said that the pace of vaccination has slowed down in the last 10 days. He informed that maximum doses of vaccine were administered during August 4 to August 13 when 9,44,518 doses were given. Nautiyal said that slackening of pace of vaccination in recent days means that the department would now have to administer 66,266 doses a day for the remaining 80 days of the year to complete the target. He said that a total of 1,08,00,085 doses ( 74,20,994 people- first dose; 33,79,091 people – both doses) have been administered till October 13 this year. As per the data of state health department a total of 80,50,684 people are needed to be vaccinated in the state which means that the department has a target of 1,61,01,368 vaccine shots.  Giving a comparative account Nautiyal said that on July 14, the department had a per day target of 65,192 doses which reduced to 59,470 on September 23 and now it has increased to 66,266 per day.

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