Better future for each child this World Children’s Day

Saturday, 20 November 2021 | Chetan Singh Pundir | Roorkee

The United Nations celebrates World Children’s Day on November 20 each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide and improving children’s welfare. The theme for the occasion this year is ‘A Better Future for Every Child’.

GFAPPS No-1, BEG & Centre Roorkee copyExpressing her views on the subject, the principal of GFAPPS No-1, BEG & Centre Roorkee Cantt, Khooshboo Thakur said, “Planning for your child’s future is a common concern in the heart of every parent. The primary purpose of children’s future planning is to develop accurate financial needs by drawing a guide map of all foreseeable expenditures including higher education and several others, which might arise in the coming years.

Adding on one more issue of addiction of New media platform is furnishing beneficial content to the children but continues engagement provides harmful content too and it keeps away from physical activity and increasing hesitation inside. Although digital media played an important role during pandemic but maintained distance from physical and metal fitness. Now they want enthusiastically come back to their routine. Finally they are ready to enter the schools with these dominating habits which made more responsible to parents and school administration, She said.

Furthermore, in today’s hectic world where inflation is already hitting hard,  saving as well as investing for your child’s future is getting difficult. If the cost of you child’s college fee is making you anxious then this planning is crucial for you.

Along with this, we teach children the value of money. Under a successful planning scheme, we work towards the betterment of feasible and stable career of our children.

Children not only need to be loved they also need you to support their dreams. They are little kids with big dreams. Fuel their dreams. Let these dreams take fight. Raise them to reach for their dreams,” she added

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