2 members of inter-State gang caught with 127 ATM cards & cash

Monday, 27 June 2022 | PNS | Dehradun

The police arrested two members of an inter-State gang involved in duping people at ATMs to change their ATM cards and steal their money. The duo was caught from Saharanpur in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh.

The deputy inspector general and Dehradun senior superintendent of police Janmejaya Khanduri informed that on June 19, resident of Rampur in Sahaspur area in Dehradun, Abdul Qayyum lodge a police complaint stating that he had gone to withdraw cash from an ATM when two persons present there pretended to help him and changed his ATM card in the process. They later withdrew Rs 36,000 from his account. The police registered a case and formed a team to investigate it. The police checked footage from the CCTV cameras in the ATM and other nearby locations. Those who had been involved in similar crimes in the past were also checked. Acting on clues and tips from informers, the police arrested Pravesh (24) and Teenu (21) from Saharanpur on Saturday. The police recovered 127 ATM cards of various banks from the possession of the two accused in addition to the motorcycle used to carry out the crime. Apart from the crime carried out in Sahaspur, the accused also confessed to having carried out a similar crime in Raiwala area in the past. Another case was lodged in the Raiwala police station in this regard. During police questioning, the two accused said that they are unemployed. They further said that about 80 persons in their village- Chandpur are involved in carrying out similar crimes so they too thought that this was an easy way to make money.They reportedly confessed to having been orchestrating such crimes for quite some time together, adding that it had become their profession. They used to pretend to help people withdrawing cash from ATMs, cleverly learn their PIN and then exchange their ATM cards after which they used to withdraw cash from their accounts. The duo said that they had carried out a similar crime in Raiwala area and withdrawn Rs 70,000 from the account of the person they had duped. According to the police, the two accused confessed that they had exchanged about 100 ATM cards so far and fraudulently withdrawn cash amounting to lakhs of rupees. The police recovered a total of 127 ATM cards of various banks and Rs 71,000 cash from the duo. A motorcycle without license plate number used by the two for carrying out their crimes was also seized.

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