Transport department to set up new stands for auto rickshaw operators

Saturday, 03 June 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The Transport department will set up new stands for auto rickshaw operators to ensure they operate as per the rules. The stands will be established in those areas where their services are required the most. The department has already marked over 40 locations across the city for these new stands, said the regional transport officer (administration) of the Dehradun division Sunil Sharma. He told The Pioneer that this is a part of the department’s three-tier plan to facilitate public transport in semi-rural areas and internal routes of Dehradun to provide an easy and efficient way for people to access public transportation. In many areas of the city, auto rickshaw operators pick up passengers from anywhere on the roads which is a violation of rules as per their contract carriage permits. They also do not have specific stands allotted to them like city buses and Vikrams which also often disrupt traffic on several routes. Several operators run their auto rickshaws from random locations and park them in any empty space, especially in internal areas.

Considering all these issues, setting up new stands is the first step towards ensuring the systematic operation of auto rickshaws in Dehradun, said Sharma. He said that the department has marked 47 locations for stands and has also sought suggestions and objections from auto rickshaw unions regarding this plan. He said that they are receiving suggestions from union members. Assessing the department’s data and these suggestions, locations for setting up new stands will be finalised soon, added Sharma. He said that the department will also publicise the list and location of new auto rickshaw stands to ensure people know from where they can book an auto rickshaw in any specific area. The Transport department will also make new stands for city buses as part of its plan to strengthen the operation of city buses on major routes, added the RTO.

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