‘The Song of the Trinity: The Rise of Kali’

Wednesday, 05 July 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN 

‘The Song of The Trinity: The Rise of Kali’ is a book that may transport the readers to the mysterious world of mythology. The novel has been written by Sai Chandravadhan Bommadevara, a lawyer by profession who writes under the pen name of Vadhan.

The novel comprising 52 chapters may make the readers feel not just the mysteries enveloping the cosmos but also the thrill of the impending doom and the desperate struggle for survival.

As Kali, the Lord of Kaliyug, keeps on languishing in an impregnable prison, his bosom is filled with the feeling of revenge and a craving to rule over all the realms of the cosmos. His vassals, on their part, are hell-bent on exploiting every flaw and frailty to help their liege break free from captivity.   The squabbling gods form alliance among themselves to fight unitedly the Evil resurrected.  

The whole book revolves around the clash between the Good and the Evil. While the Evil desperately strives to wreak vengeance by annihilating the whole universe so that it can reign supreme, the Good, on the other hand, is desperate to thwart the malevolent designs of the Evil.

In the midst of this cosmic turmoil, a group of bravehearts emerges comprising a cursed warrior, an idiosyncratic demigod, a sage of fiery nature and an orphan enshrouded in enigma.   The readers keep wondering which Cosmic Power will ultimately prevail-the Good over the Evil or the Evil over the Good.   

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