Reliance Jewels heist accused injured in police encounter

Kushwaha was arrested from UP, injured after shooting at police in an attempt to escape

Sunday, 10 December 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

One of the men accused in the Reliance Jewels showroom heist in Dehradun on November 9 was injured in the leg when the police shot him in self defence on Friday. The Dehradun senior superintendent of police Ajai Singh informed the media on Saturday that the police team which had gone to Uttar Pradesh in search of culprits received information on Friday that accused Vikram Kushwaha was hiding in Pilibhit.

The police team arrested the accused and later brought him to Dehradun for detailed questioning. He told the police that after the heist he had hidden a pistol in the jungles near Shimla bypass road in Premnagar area. According to the police, when Kushwaha was taken there to recover the weapon, he took the hidden loaded pistol and shot at the police while attempting to flee. The police fired back in self defence and hit him on the leg. The accused was nabbed by the police and admitted to a hospital for treatment.

The SSP further informed that during questioning the accused that on being told by Shashank and Subodh who are imprisoned in a jail in Bihar, he carried out the robbery in Reliance Jewels showroom in Dehradun along with his accomplices. Before the heist, on October 31, he along with his accomplices Rohit and Annu had driven to Ambala and went directly to Bijnor from there. In Bijnor two persons gave him the car which was used in the heist. Before the robbery on November 9, an accused Prince gave Kushwaha and others the weapons used in the heist.

The police said that Kushwaha along with Prince, Abhishek and two other accused men had gone to the showroom for the heist while accused Vikram was waiting outside the showroom in the getaway car. All the accused went towards Sahaspur taking different routes after the robbery. En route, they acted on instructions of Shashank and Subodh and ditched their vehicles at a desolate spot in Selaqui while also concealing their weapons in the jungle before using different means to travel out of Dehradun. A 7.62 mm pistol, five bullets and a case of bullets was recovered from Kushwaha.

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