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Indian Army is one of the best armies of world: General Silva

Sunday, 10 December 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of Sri Lankan army General Shavendra Silva has said that the Indian Army has forged its name, fame and respect of people as one of the largest  and one of the best armies of the world.

Addressing the passing out parade (PoP) of the officer cadets of 153 regular and 136 technical graduate course at Indian Military Academy (IMA) as Reviewing Officer (RO) on Saturday, General Silva said the Indian army has earned its reputation by shedding sweat and blood, giving limbs and lives of great Indian generals and great jawans in peace and in war in the motherland or away. Remembering the sacrifice and remarkable vision of great Indian officers from Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw to Major Som Nath Sharma, the CDS of Sri Lanka exhorted the officer cadets to follow their footsteps. 

Addressing the passing out contingent the RO said, “Handpicked from numerous youths across the country, the Indian Military Academy has moulded you into officers and, importantly, gentlemen. Remember, bearing the title of an army officer signifies a profound commitment to our motherland and its people. The path to becoming an officer is challenging, yet maintaining the conduct expected of officers is even more demanding. Your men will respect and salute the rank on your shoulders, but true leadership demands hard work, care for your team, sharing success, and facing failure on their behalf. Loyalty and integrity to the nation, superiors, and subordinates are paramount.”

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