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Raipur police visit senior citizens living alone

Cops buy for them medicines & other essentials

Monday, 25 SEPTEMBER 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

In latest news from Dehradun, four teams constituted by the Raipur police station are from time to time going to the previously identified houses where senior citizens live alone with their sons and daughters living away from them. The police team members enquire into their health and take to them fruits, medicines and essentials as per their requirement. One of the team members said that they reach immediately on receiving information from the senior citizens that they require medicines. He further informed that the senior citizens who are living alone have been provided with the police assistance number 112 aside from the mobile numbers of the Raipur police station in charge, in-charge of the police post concerned and beat constable concerned. He said that the faces of such senior citizens beam on seeing them and added that ensuring such helpless elderly people’s security is their primary responsibility.    

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