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Prez Murmu reaches Pantnagar   

Tuesday, 07 November 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

In latest news from Dehradun, security has been spruced up as the President Droupadi Murmu is set to arrive in the State on a three-day visit. With the Dehradun airport being kept on standby mode, police and other security agencies have conducted full dress rehearsal there. Sharing the details of the President’s itinerary in the State, a senior officer said that the President would first arrive in a special aircraft at Bareilly airport and then from Bareilly, the MI 17 helicopter with the President on board would land at Pantnagar airport at 11.25.  At 3.25 her helicopter would fly from Pantnagar and is scheduled to land at GCT helipad in Dehradun at 4.40 pm. Next day, the President’s chopper would take off from GCT helipad at 9.20 am and land at Badrinath helipad at 10.20 am. Then her chopper would take off at 11.40 am from Badrinath and land at Srinagar helipad at 12.30 pm. Thereafter, she would fly back and reach GCT helipad at 4.40 pm. On Thursday, her special aircraft would take off for Delhi at 12.05 pm from Dehradun airport and land at Delhi airport at 12.50 pm.  

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