Prepare database of child labourers and beggars- DM

Friday, 17 September 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

The Dehradun district magistrate R Rajesh Kumar has directed officials concerned to conduct regular raids to restrict child labour activities and beggary across the district. He has asked the officials to prepare a complete database of children who are found as labourers and beggars in the district.

 Kumar instructed this in the meeting of the district task force headed by him on Thursday. 

He said that parents of the children found as labourers or beggars during the raids must be identified too. Besides this, the DM said that special arrangements should be made for the protection and education of such children. He also asked the officials to work on strengthening their information system. He said that the local intelligence unit should also be involved in this programme in order to get the information of children being brought from other states in advance for criminal purposes. Such steps can help authorities to reach the people involved in such heinous crimes against children, stated Kumar. He ordered the committee members and the labour department to execute the plans while ensuring proper implementation to catch the offenders. He directed the officials to regularly conduct the raids in vulnerable areas of the district regarding child labour and beggary and asked to submit the report in every 15 days. He has also instructed the department concerned to prepare a database of children involved in child labour and beggary found during the regular raids and inspections.

 Besides this, the DM has also ordered the district level monitoring committee to prepare a database of workers working in the unorganized sector like street vendors and register them to provide them with the benefits under various schemes. 

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