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PM launches House of Himalayas brand  for U’khand’s products

Friday, 08 December 2023 |PNS | DEHRADUN

 In latest news from Dehradun, before inaugurating the Global Investors Summit, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched House of Himalayas brand that is meant to promote all Uttarakhand products by giving them a distinct identity and enhancing their commercial prospects around the world. It is learnt that from now on, all the Uttarakhand products would come under the common nomenclature of House of Himalayas. Earlier, the State’s products used to enter markets under different names like Hilans, Himadri and Gramyashree, but from now on they all will go under the common name of House of Himalayas. A State government officer claimed that the launching of this brand would boost incomes of those actively working for the self-help groups engaged in churning out Uttarakhand products for global marketing.  

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