People with other ailments must be more wary of dengue: experts

Saturday, 16 September 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Considering the consistent cases of dengue in Dehradun and other parts of the State, doctors stress that people with pre-existing health conditions such as heart ailments, diabetes and cancer need to exercise caution and prioritise their wellbeing during this period. Adopting a nutritious diet and seeking timely medical attention can help sustain the weakened immune systems of such persons. In order to mitigate the prevalence of dengue in the city, it is imperative for all citizens to act responsibly and adhere to the recommended preventive measures, said the doctors.

Many people in the city expressed concern regarding the potential consequences of dengue, particularly when combined with their existing health conditions

Physician Dr Sidhant Khanna said that there is no study that provides conclusive evidence on the direct negative impact of dengue on individuals with diabetes or high blood pressure. However, it is advised that people with such ailments exercise additional caution regarding their health during a dengue outbreak. He added that these patients may experience a more pronounced decrease in platelet levels compared to individuals without these conditions.

He further added that patients should increase their fluid intake to the maximum extent possible. Commenting on the increase in dengue cases, he said, “It is incorrect to attribute the increase in dengue cases solely to the government. It is the responsibility of each citizen to maintain cleanliness in their surroundings and prevent accumulation of water.”

Senior physician at the district hospital Dr Pravin Panwar said, “Individuals with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure can be severely affected during dengue outbreaks. These individuals have reduced immunity, which consequently exacerbates the impact of dengue on their platelet levels. Therefore, following a proper diet, getting adequate rest and staying hydrated are important especially for such persons at this time.”

He further emphasised the importance of heart patients taking proper care of themselves during dengue outbreaks and advised them to seek medical attention as early as possible when required.

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