Officials appointed to monitor cleaning of drains and rivers ahead of monsoon

Tuesday, 11 JUNE  2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

In order to prevent drains from overflowing and inundated roads that lead to severe waterlogging during monsoon, the Dehradun district magistrate Sonika has appointed district officials in all municipal bodies to verify the cleanliness work of about 300 dry rivers, drains and sewers among others. The agencies concerned will not be issued any payments till the district administration finds all the works satisfactory, the DM said. According to the data provided by the Dehradun District Disaster Management Office (DDMO), there are mainly about 300 main drains and dry rivers across the district that need proper cleaning. This includes 37 drains in the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD), 120 in Mussoorie Nagar Palika Parishad, 58 in Doiwala block, 16 in Raipur block, 15 in Herbertpur Nagar Palika Parishad, 17 each in Nagar Panchayat Selaqui and Vikasnagar Nagar Palika Parishad, 12 in Doiwala Palika Parishad and three under National Highway block. The MCD’s team has cleaned 23 drains and dry rivers out of which, they have been cleaning five drains again. They have been currently working on cleaning two drains and are yet to start cleaning of 12 drains, as per the DDMO data. The DM said that she has directed all the officials concerned in the district to ensure proper cleaning of all drains and other bodies. The monsoon season causes great inconvenience to people due to overflowing roads as drains often get blocked which leads to severe waterlogging. The government spends a considerable amount for the cleanliness of drains, sewers and dry rivers every year but several areas continue to witness waterlogging. This often raises questions about the efforts of the respective municipal bodies and authorities concerned. Considering this, the DM has ordered that the agencies concerned will not get their payments if the administration will find their work unsatisfactory.

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