India must be militarily & economically  strong to be acknowledged as Vishwaguru:  Govind Dev

Tuesday, 16 APRIL  2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Speaking on the seventh day of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Katha organised at the University of Patanjali in Haridwar on Monday, Govind Dev Giri said that although  India is already a Vishwaguru, the global recognition would come only when the Indian army becomes robust and the people are wealthy.  “No country can teach us what humanity and spirituality are; ours is a country which has been occupying the position of Vishwaguru for thousands of years.  But unless we inspire global awe by making our army strong and making  ourselves wealthy, the world will never acknowledge India’s status as the Guru of the world,” he said.

Referring to Patanjali’s ascendancy, he said that Yoga Guru Ramdev and   

Acharya Balkrishna epitomised the truth of the futility of begging donations when it came to building a nationalism-inspired big institution.  “They learnt the hard way the lesson of acquiring wealth themselves to erect a big institution that set the lofty goal of serving every section of the country’s people,” he said.

While lauding the invincible courage of conviction shown by Shivaji, he said that the brave son of India had turned the impossible into possible by emerging triumphant in the seemingly unequal battle against the mighty Mughals. “It is worth remembering that Shivaji conducted the nation’s first surgical strike against the Mughal invaders,” he added.        

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