Four youths die on ill-fated hunt

Monday, 05 April 2021 | PNS | New Tehri

In a mysterious and tragic incident, four youths of a village in Tehri district lost their lives with one of them being purportedly shot accidently and the three others allegedly committing suicide. According to the police the four youths from Kundi village in Bhilangana block near Ghansali were found dead under mysterious circumstances late on Saturday night. While one of them had died from a gunshot wound, the three others had died after consuming poison.

According to police when they questioned the villagers, it was ascertained that  Arjun Singh Panwar (23), Soban Singh Panwar (24) and Pankaj Panwar (23) had gone hunting on Saturday to the jungle near their village along with Santosh Singh Panwar(23), Rahul Panwar (20),  Sumit Panwar (18) and Rajji had gone to the jungle near the village to hunt. Santosh was killed by a gunshot and the rest of the youths in the group carried his body to the cattle shed near the village. There the trio of Arjun, Soban and Pankaj decided that they had committed a serious crime and decided to commit suicide. Rajji reportedly arranged poison for them which they consumed.  The trio did not let Rahul and Sumit consume poison as they were younger and had no siblings. Rahul and Sumit narrated the incident to their family members in the village who rushed to the spot and found the four bodies. The whereabouts of Rajji are still unknown.

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