Doctors advise precautions during winter to prevent serious ailments

Saturday, 09 December 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

With the winter cold expected to intensify in the coming days in Dehradun, it is not only important to take precautions to prevent seasonal flu and infections, but those with existing heart conditions and asthma should also be wary. According to the doctors, elderly people need to be particularly vigilant regarding seasonal infections as ignorance of such infections can potentially lead to pneumonia in the elderly, the doctors said.

Talking to The Pioneer, senior physician at the district hospital Dr Pravin Panwar said, “The onset of the winter season has resulted in an escalation in cases of asthma as the narrowing of the lungs during this time exacerbates the condition. Further, throat infections, colds and coughs related to seasonal flu have also become prevalent during the ongoing winter season.”

He further emphasised the importance of individuals who are afflicted with diabetes or any other health conditions, particularly elderly individuals, being cautious about their health during the winter period. Neglecting cold and cough symptoms could potentially escalate into pneumonia. He stressed the importance of maintaining a proper balanced diet and adhering to timely medication to prevent the onset of these diseases during the winter season.  Individuals suffering from asthma should ensure that they have inhalers readily available, particularly when venturing outside, he added.

Senior physician at CMI Hospital Dr Anshika Jain said, “The arrival of the winter season has led to a rise in cases of seasonal flu. In Doon, throat infections and respiratory problems have become prevalent during the ongoing winter season. It is advised that individuals with asthma or heart conditions exercise particular caution during the winter season. To minimise the risk of infection during this time, it is recommended that people refrain from unnecessary outdoor activities. Further, consuming hot water and taking medication as prescribed can also help protect them from more severe infections.”

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