Diversion, closure of educational institutions & secretariat partially checks major traffic woes

Saturday, 09 December 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Though citizens faced traffic woes in the city on Friday, many opined that diversions, closure of educational institutions and the secretariat check the traffic congestion to some extent. Traffic on various roads leading to Dehradun and within the city was diverted due to the summit. Many people said that the traffic management on city roads, closure of schools and the secretariat could be the main reasons behind the comparatively smooth traffic observed on some of the city roads.

According to the traffic diversion plan implemented by the police, traffic from Premnagar to Panditwadi was diverted towards Vasant Vihar. Further, heavy vehicles traveling from ISBT towards Rispana were diverted from Kargi Chowk.  

Local resident Vishnu Bhartariya said that despite the diversion of traffic due to the visit of VIPs for the investors summit, the city roads experienced a decrease in traffic congestion in some places. This could be attributed to the closure of schools and the secretariat, which are important factors contributing to the reduced traffic in the city, he added.

Another local resident Pankaj Dixit said, “Whenever VIPs visit the city, routes are diverted, resulting in traffic congestion that causes inconvenience to the general public. Similarly, during the investors summit, they have been diverted, but this time the situation has changed. The traffic in the city is being properly managed by the police authorities. Additionally, people are choosing to use the affected roads less, as instructed by the authorities, to minimise traffic in the city.”

A shopkeeper at Paltan Bazaar Chirag Gupta said that the traffic diversion due to the investors summit tends to discourage people from visiting the market frequently. Because of the diversion, people have to travel longer distances which makes it inconvenient for them to venture outside. As a result, this time the traffic congestion on the city roads was comparatively lesser than when VIPs visit the city, he added. 

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