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Dengue threat increasing in Doon valley

65 patients have so far been detected with the disease this season in Dehradun

Sunday 17 October, 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

The spectre of dengue in the provisional state capital of Uttarakhand is increasing. On Saturday, four new patients of the disease were reported by the state health department in the district. The district now has 65 patients with the disease in this season.

The district vector borne diseases officer Subhash Joshi said that two women (35 years each) were found in Sahastradhara road and Vikasnagar while a 12 year old boy of Mothorowala and a 51 year old male of Kedarpuram were found infected with the disease on Saturday.

Joshi said that apart from source reduction exercises the health department has also undertaken an awareness drive in which people are explained the ways to prevent the menace of dengue. Joshi said that the Aedes Aezypti, the vector of the disease, strikes during the day time and breeds in clear water. “One should wear full sleeved clothes to prevent exposure to the mosquito bite and don’t allow water to get collected in their vicinity,’’ he said. 

Dengue is a viral infection spread by the mosquito Aedes Aezypti popularly known as Tiger Mosquito.  The symptoms of the disease are persistent high fever, rashes, headache and pain in the joints.

Ways to prevent Dengue

1 Don’t allow water to collect in and near houses.

2 Regularly decant fridges, coolers, pots and cans. 

3 Spread kerosene or other oils on small water bodies which are effective to destroy the larvae of Aedes mosquito.  

4 Inform the district health authorities for fogging to kill mosquitoes.

5 Aedes strikes during day time and flies near ground level so wear full sleeved clothes at work places. 

6 Immediately seek medical advice when someone develops fever.

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