Beware of Holi colours, alcohol consumption: experts

Wednesday, 08 March 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Holi is the festival of joy and one of the best methods of expressing this joy and festivity is the use of colours. However the presence of chemicals in the commonly used colours of Holi can cause damage to the eye and skin. These colours have compounds of lead and mercury which are carcinogenic (cancer causing agents) substances.

The associate professor at department of Ophthalmology at Government Doon Medical College (GDMC) hospital Dr Sushil Ojha said that many cases of eye injury are reported on the festival of colours. He said in some cases injury to the eye is caused when the balloons filled with colored water strike the eyes. The cornea of the eye is damaged in such cases due to which vision could be affected. He said that the chemicals present in the colours could cause severe allergy in the eyes. He suggested that people should not rub their eyes when colour enters their eyes and causes irritation. He said that before seeking medical help, one should immediately wash the eyes with clean water when the colours enter the eye. 

The doctors warn that the use of colours laced with harmful chemicals can be dangerous to the skin also. Skin specialist Dr Anil Arya said that the lead and mercury compounds in the Holi colours can cause allergy due to which rashes and severe itching can occur and in acute cases minor wounds on skin can take place. He said that a disease called contact dermatitis can also occur from these chemicals. The dermatologist suggested that people should refrain from using such colours and even if they do they should immediately wash them off. He advised one should put some body lotion or oil before venturing out of their homes on Holi. 

The consumption of alcohol on the day of Holi is another practice which people do with disdain in the festival. This causes a sharp increase in the number of accidents on the festive occasion. The medical experts are of the view that people should abstain from taking any intoxicating agents in order to enjoy a joyous festival.

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