Ashwin Kaushik new head of Haridwar town Cong Seva Dal

Friday, 29 SEPTEMBER 2023 | PNS | HARIDWAR

In latest news from Uttarakhand, Ashwin Kaushik has been made the president of the reconstituted Haridwar Mahanagar Congress Seva Dal executive committee. While releasing the list of the members, the Uttarakhand State Seva Dal president Hema Purohit congratulated Ashwin Kaushik on his appointment to the key post of the Mahanagar Seva Dal and said that the 33-member town unit of the party’s Seva Dal has been constituted taking members from all sections of the society and age groups. She exuded confidence that this all-encompassing, inclusive approach of the party in constituting its affiliates must be reflected in the results of the upcoming elections. Notably, Kaushik, an automotive engineer by profession, has close connections with the Haridwar-based fraternity of the pilgrimage priests.       

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