36 rescued snakes released in jungle

Monday, 23 May 2022 | PNS | Ramnagar

Due to the considerable heat ahead of the monsoons, snakes are increasingly straying into human habitations while searching for relief from the heat. The Forest department is rescuing such snakes, also providing relief to the people while others like snake expert Chandrasen Kashyap are also doing their bit to rescue the snakes. A total of 36 snakes including a king cobra rescued by Sen and his team from urban and rural areas were released in the forest.

According to Kashyap, snake straying to human settlements is common in such weather. Thirsty and hungry snakes visited populated areas in search of food and when scared on encountering people, they bite at times in self defence. Save the Snake and Wildlife Welfare Society members on Sunday released 36 rescued snakes in the forest. These included one king cobra, three cobras, two Russell’s vipers, one krait, 14 rat snakes, eight pythons, three cat snakes along with wolf snakes and common sand boa. Kashyap also said that snakes dying in road accidents is also a cause for concern. Many snakes were killed on the roads during the past month, of which many were rare. He appealed to the people to give way to snakes while passing on roads adjoining jungle areas.

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