Friday, 15 June 2018 | PNS | Haridwar– June 14  being celebrated as the World Blood Donor Day across the world to commemorate the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner who first distinguished between blood groups in 1900 after having developed the modern systems of the classification of blood groups, blood donation camps were organised in Haridwar as elsewhere in the country on Thursday. The day is observed to thank the voluntary, unpaid blood donors for their service to the patients who need blood to survive as well as to raise awareness among the people of the imperative of regular blood donations to make sure that blood is available for those who need. As per a study, in India every year 12 million units of blood are required out of which nine million units are made available from the blood banks through voluntarily donated blood. Speaking to The Pioneer, CMO Haridwar, Dr Ashok Kumar Gairola said, “As per our annual activity, blood donation camps are being organised  in some industrial units  based in Haridwar. Three camps were held on June 12, 13, 14 at one of such industrial units Akums in SIDCUL. More would follow.” Umesh Saini, a senior lab technician in  the district TB Clinic,  is learnt to have donated 57 times since 1999, something which has turned him into a  role model for the cause of blood donation. Speaking to The Pioneer, the 44-year-old Umesh said, “Annually Haridwar blood bank supplies nearly 8500 units of blood with plasma, platelets. Besides,  it is supplying to the other blood banks located  in the district like those in  R K Mission hospital and BHEL hospital.” Every fourth month in a year, Umesh is found ready to donate blood to  save life.  “I  love to donate blood to save life. This is the 58th time  that I have done the same,” said Umesh beamingly. He added that  he had supplied blood  to far -off places like Kotdwar, Haldwani, Meerut and Muzzafarnagar to meet  exigency there. As he  maintains a good relation  with all the industrial units located in  SIDCUL and Haridwar industrial area  Umesh  finds no difficulty in getting donors from the industrial units. “I have good contact with the HRD  heads of nearly all industries. This pays me in good stead when blood is needed,” says Umesh. He further said that he had never turned away any person who needs blood since 2009. “To ensure this, we maintain a robust supply and replenishment mechanism which seldom fails.”

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