Tuesday, 01 May 2018 | Aditya Rawat | Dehradun– Work is underway to expand the infrastructure at the Dehradun railway station which will enable the operation of trains with more coaches from here. Though this work was slated to be completed in 2018, the deadline has been extended to next year. Dehradun station superintendent Sitaram Sonkar said that a budget of Rs 100 crore was approved for the yard remodeling and panel interlocking at Dehradun railway station and Doiwalla railway station along with panel remodeling work at Motichur railway station. A new coach washing line is to be installed too. At present the Dehradun railway station can be used for operationof trains with maximum 13 coaches only but after remodeling the railway station will be able to accommodate trains with up to 18 coaches. Further, only platform number three is equipped with electric line while all the platforms are expected to have overhead electricity to enable operation of trains with electric locomotives. He further said that as the work progresses the passengers might face a little inconvenience as a new washing line has to be installed. Presently, work to remodel platform number four is in progress and after that platform number three will be remodeled. Earlier, the work in Dehradun railway station was expected to be completed by August 2018 but due to the delay resulting from preference accorded to facilitating uninterrupted rail service the deadline has been extended to March 2019, he added. Various other works including facilitation of an escalator, renovation of sanitation facilities, office waiting lounge and other tasks are also expected to be completed during this time period.

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