Woman delivers a baby girl in hospital toilet, flees

Thursday, 23 March 2023| PNS| DEHRADUN

A woman fled after giving birth to a girl child in the toilet of the Vikasnagar sub-divisional hospital. The child was later sent to a higher centre as her condition was not good. The hospital authority informed the police about the incident. Police have started investigation into the incident. Police informed that a woman aged 23 years had reached the sub-divisional hospital around 7.30 am. There was a man with her. The man took the hospital slip where the name of the woman was written as Priti and her age was mentioned as 23. Hereafter, she went to the hospital toilet and gave birth to the child.  Then the couple fled the hospital without informing anyone. The sweeper found the baby and took her to the labour room. The doctors found that the baby was not in good health and drip had to be given to her.

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