What is Karma Yoga?

What is Karma and what is Karma Yoga? Karma in the literary sense means doing actions while taken in the spiritual sense Karma means the consequences of the actions done in the past being seen in the present life of a man. Yoga means union with God, with the Divine Consciousness.  So, seen in this sense, Karma Yoga means doing actions while being united with the Divine Consciousness.

Karma Yoga means actions done not for ego satisfaction but for the good of all. And importantly, one who does Karma Yoga must leave the fruits of the actions to the Divine. 

The essence of Karma Yoga is transformation of human nature: the lower nature into higher nature. Unless the lower human nature is completely purified of its egoistic motives, one cannot do Karma Yoga in its true sense. A Karma Yogi must become an instrument of the Divine Will so that the Divine Will is fulfilled through him for the good of all.  In Karma Yoga lies the divine secret of perfect work.

Another important thing about Karma Yoga is that all works can be Karma Yoga if they are connected to the Divine. In Karma Yoga no work can be adjudged as inferior or superior.  What is important is the spirit in which the work is done. Karma Yoga stresses on non- attachment to the results of the actions. The results must be left to the Divine.  

Now, one may ask what special we experience when we work in the true spirit of Karma Yoga. To answer this question, we may say that it is bliss, a pure, intense bliss we can never enjoy when we work with attachment. Attachment brings frustration in the end. But Karma Yoga knows no frustration.  Working without attachment, for the good of all, as the Divine instrument has its own rewards: the pure bliss of living and working for the Divine. 

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