Thursday, 22 February 2018 | PNS | Dehradun- Demanding creation of post of Yoga teacher in Government schools the members of Trained Yoga unemployed Federation courted arrest on Wednesday. Under the banner of the federation, a large number of unemployed Yoga graduates assembled at the protest site near parade ground on the day. The federation then started a March towards the State secretariat in support of their demands but the police stopped the march and arrested the members of the federation. The arrested were later released by the police. President of the Federation, Rakesh Semwal said that it is unfortunate that the State Govt is ignoring the demand of thousands of the trained yoga instructors for long. He said that the State Government should fulfil its promise of appointment of Yoga instructors in the Government schools. “It is very depressing that the State Government has started Yoga classes in the schools without Yoga teachers. The Education department has distributed Yoga books worth crores of Rupees in schools but it keeps on ignoring the demand of job of trained Yoga instructors. Uttarakhand is the unofficial capital of Yoga in the world but it is equally true that politics has upstaged Yoga which is detrimental for the State,’’ he quipped. The federation is agitated at the fact that the textbooks of Yoga are being distributed to the students since the year 2010 but no Yoga teacher was recruited. The Federation is of the view that Yoga should be added as compulsory subject in the curriculum of the schools. As per a rough estimate there are more than 22,000 unemployed yoga qualified instructors in the State.

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