UKD changes candidate from Tehri

Nainital candidate fails to file nomination

Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (UKD) changed its candidate from Tehri constituency at the last moment. Besides, it failed to field its candidate from Nainital constituency.  Political observers say that it reflects the sorry state of things prevailing in the only major regional party of the state.

It is learnt that the candidate announced from the Tehri constituency withdrew from the contest by citing health reasons.  The party faced difficulty in picking someone to be fielded for the seat. It, however, managed things almost at the last moment.

Furthermore,  the UKD candidate Vijay Pal from the Nainital constituency failed to file nomination.

The members of the party alleged that the candidate failing to file nomination was because of a conspiracy hatched by other parties. “UKD candidate for the Nainital constituency reached the assigned  place on time to file his nomination. But  he was not allowed to do so as it was said that he came after the time of nomination was over. This is a clear case of political conspiracy,” said a UKD leader.

Notably, D D Sharma was the candidate of the party for the Tehri constituency. However, during the time of the nomination, he stepped back and withdrew  himself from the contest, saying that he was not capable of standing the heat and dust of the electoral battle thanks to his ill health.  Faced with a challenge as options were very limited, the party chose Jai Prakash Upadhyay  at the last moment and he accordingly submitted his nomination as the candidate from the constituency. “Things are indeed very gloomy for the regional party. It is now difficult to imagine that UKD was once in the van of the statehood movement and it did considerably well in the first Assembly election. But decay set in soon and the downslide continues,” said a political watcher.

Thursday, 28 March 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

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