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Two pedestrians die in truck collision

Thursday 14, 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

Following the collision of two trucks during the wee hours of Wednesday, two pedestrians died and one got injured in the Selaqui area of Dehradun. The police said that the police personnel deployed in the Selaqui area informed that a truck going towards the city around 1:40 AM applied the brakes suddenly due to which another truck hit it from behind. Due to this, the first truck collided with a nearby tree that fell down on the road and the three young men walking nearby got hit by the trucks as per the police. The police said that the three injured pedestrians were three young men who were taken to the nearby hospital but two of them aged 19 and 20 years old died. However, the drivers of the said trucks aged 22 and 24 years only sustained minor injuries as informed by the police. The police said that they are looking into the matter.

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