Truecaller introduces the world’s first AI Call Scanner 

Saturday, 01 JUNE 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

Truecaller announced on Friday the launch of AI Call Scanner which is trained to detect and differentiate between human voices and AI-synthesised voices. The company officers claimed that it has empowered people to safeguard themselves against potential scams and fraudulent activities and added that it is being rolled out in the US first, followed by India and other top Truecaller markets. The company further claims that if a person receives a suspicious call all he has to do is tap a dedicated button within the Truecaller interface. The caller’s voice is recorded and this voice sample is then processed by the advanced AI model which has been rigorously trained to identify the unique characteristics of human speech and distinguish it from AI-generated voices in a few seconds.

Sharing more, the company states that though AI Call Scanner is launching on Android first, they are already exploring avenues for further improvement and expansion, including an imminent iOS launch.  While the team is actively researching ways to refine the AI model’s accuracy, reduce response times and adapt to emerging trends in voice synthesis technology they are considering the potential integration of AI Call Scanner with other communication platforms and devices to extend its reach and impact.

Lauding the launch, the CEO and co-founder at Truecaller Alan Mamedi said that it would fight the AI voice scams which are increasing due to the proliferation of AI voice synthesisers.

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