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Triple Talaq faces acid test in Upper House

Opp parties mull strategy to block passage of Bill

A day after the Lok Sabha passed the Triple Talaq Bill with some contentious penal provisions for the deserter husband, the Opposition seemed to be united to stall it in the Upper House. The Opposition has accused the Government of indulging in vote bank politics and demanded that the Bill be referred to a joint select committee. According to sources, Opposition parties will meet to devise their strategy to block the Bill in the Rajya Sabha on Monday when it is likely to come up for consideration. Sources said all Congress members in the Rajya Sabha would meet in Parliament on Monday morning, ahead of the start of House proceedings, to evolve its strategy on the Bill. The numbers are tilted in favour of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, where the UPA has 112 members and the NDA 93. One seat is vacant. The remaining 39 members of other parties are unattached to either NDA or UPA and are likely to play an important role in the passage of the contentious Bill. The Government had not agreed to the Opposition demand for sending the earlier Bill to the select committee, when it was brought before the House in the Monsoon Session of Parliament. Though the NDA is way short of the halfway mark of 123 in the 245-member House, it had emerged victorious in the election of the Deputy Chairman, with its nominee Harivansh of the JD(U) bagging 125 votes against 101 for Opposition-backed Congress member BK Hariprasad. The Government has expressed hope that the bill, which criminalises the practice of instant divorce by Muslim men, will find support in the Rajya Sabha, whose approval is necessary for the bill to become the law. CPI member D Raja said the Opposition has the numbers and would press for referring the bill to the Select Committee. “Opposition parties are asking for referring the Triple Talaq Bill to the Select Committee for further scrutiny when the bill comes up for consideration in the Rajya Sabha on Monday,” said Raja. He alleged that the government wants to use the bill for political purposes. “They are not genuinely interested in gender equality and gender justice,” Raja alleged. Another leader claimed that opposition parties are united in referring the bill to the Select Committee as the proposed legislation needs to be examined properly. Read more posts… Saturday, 29 December 2018 | PNS | New Delhi

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