Trio arrested for murder of four family members

Tuesday, 04 January 2022 | PNS | Lalkuan

Claiming to have solved the case wherein four persons of the same family were murdered, the police arrested three accused, stating that the crime was committed with the intention to loot the victims. While one of the accused is absconding, the polie have recovered one car and Rs 35,000 looted cash among other items.

The Kumaon deputy inspector general and Udham Singh Nagar senior superintendent of police Dilip Singh Kunwar informed that the police were informed on December 29 about the crime. The police reached the riverside to discover two bodies and two other bodies in the nearby Siddha Navdiya village. The victims were identified as Ankit Rastogi, his cousin Udit Rastogi, Ankit’s mother Asha Devi and his grandmother Sanno Devi. All the four had been killed with shard weapons.

The police formed 20 teams to check the CCTV footage and other relevant aspects. Probing all aspects, the police narrowed down on accused Ranu Rastogi, Vivek Verma and Mukesh Sharma who were all arrested. Another accused, Sachin Saxena is absconding.

According to officials, Ankit owned a scrap shop and some months ago he had invested about Rs 30 lakhs to open a jeweller’s shop. Accused Ranu was his friend who was in regular contact with him. Ranu met Saxena who is allegedly a notorious character. Along with the two other accused, they hatched a conspiracy and called Ankit and Udit out of home under some pretext. They killed the duo on the riverside after which they went to their home and killed Ankit’s mother and grandmother before looting about Rs 40,000 from the shop. The accused were unable to break the locker in the shop and left the scene. The police have announced a reward for the police team which solved the case.

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