Tuesday, 01 May 2018 | PNS | Dehradun– Despite authorities claiming to have taken a slew of measures to ease traffic ordeal  in the city, things do not seem to have changed much on the ground. The traffic system was thrown out of gear at various crossings on Monday-the day on which people hit the roads in their hordes on their way to their respective places of work after the weekend is over. Traffic  on the important roads either came to a grinding halt or at the best crawled and things continued for hours during the day while those inside grappled with the sultry heat.   The ordeal on the road was compounded further as the pilgrims  bound for the char dhams started coming as the portals of all of them have reopened after the winter break. The roads that bore the maximum brunt were the bustling  Survey Chowk, Clock Tower, Darshan Lal Chowk, Gandhi Road, Tehsil, Doon Hospital, Araghar, MKP College Road, Court Road, Prince Chowk and Saharanpur Chowk. The same congestion was witnessed on the roads  in Mussoorie, the hill station where the tourists are presently flocking around in expectation of cooler climate. The commuters said that things were grim on several roads with the vehicles remaining stuck for a long time. At some places, vehicles moved at a snail’s pace, they said. The refrain among them was that the ordeal which started in the morning continued till evening despite the presence of  the  traffic police on the roads. Umesh Bisht, a commuter, said that they wondered whether the traffic police had any role in untying the traffic knot. “They seem miserable while they encounter huge traffic pile-ups as witnessed on Monday. We doubt whether they have been properly trained to take on traffic snarls,” he said. Echoing the same, another of the suffering commuters Aman Bisht said that the slew of steps taken by the  traffic department to ease things on the roads seemed to have come to no avail. “It is a pity that those manning the traffic directorate are engaged in dishing out solutions which are proving to be of little help for us on the ground,” he lamented.

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