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Traffic directorate to use drones in all districts for traffic management

Thursday, 13 June 2024 | PNS | DEHRADUN

The Traffic directorate will start preparing a list of the cities and areas in all districts with high traffic loads to ensure drone services can be commenced there this year for proper traffic management. The personnel will also be deployed in respective cities for data collection and monitoring of drone services.

The director of the traffic directorate Mukhtar Mohsin Stated this during the review meeting of the traffic management and road safety of the State with all respective district in-charges through a video conference. He also said that in order to minimise the risks of accidents in the State, the directorate will deploy the interceptor and highway traffic patrol units for traffic management during the time of the day when a certain route is more prone to accidents as per the Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD). The iRAD gives detailed information about the time and causes of the accidents occurring in the State that will help in analysing the cause and timings of accidents on a certain route or area according to which patrol units can be deployed there. He said that the interceptor and highway traffic patrol units will be deployed in all districts with an installed GPS and all will be linked to the 112 emergency number for easy monitoring.

The directorate has also issued instructions to all districts to publicise the Hit and Run Vehicle Accident scheme under the Motor Vehicle Act according to which, an amount of Rs two lakh is given as compensation in case of the death of a person and Rs 50,000 to the injured in the hit and run accidents after a month. The police will find the accused in the hit and run case within a month but if they fail to do so, they will inform the representative of the victim in writing about the provision of seeking the claim under the scheme. The respective superintendent of police will also send the said cases to the district magistrate concerned to ensure victims get the claims easily. He also said that as per the direction of the chief secretary Radha Raturi, strict action will be taken against those riding two-wheeler vehicles without helmets including pillion riders who often violate this traffic rule. The police will take action against pillion riders under section 194 (D) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019.

Referring to the Porsche car crash in Pune in which two men were hit by a speeding car which was allegedly being driven by an intoxicated underage boy, Mohsin said that a massive campaign will be run against minors driving vehicles.

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