Traffic directorate to buy 100 body-worn cameras to improve road safety  

Friday, 09 June 2023 | PNS | DEHRADUN

In latest Uttarakhand news, the State traffic directorate is going to buy 100 body-worn cameras worth Rs 22 lakh from the road safety fund. The road safety committee has already approved it and the tenders will be floated soon. When B S Sidhu was the director general of police Uttarakhhand the city patrol units constituted at his initiative had purchased a number of body-worn  cameras.  But now most of them are non-functional with their video quality being poor. Speaking on the matter, the State traffic director Mukhtar Mahasin said that the procurement of body-worn or wearable cameras would help the traffic department to ensure better road safety observance. Recounting the advantages of using body-worn cameras, a senior State traffic police officer said that it would help the traffic police personnel to pin down the violators of the road safety rules more effectively.

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