Tomato & onion rates likely to drop in a week in Doon

Friday 15, 2021| PNS | Dehradun

On the skyrocketing prices of highly consumed vegetables- tomatoes and onions in Dehradun, the secretary of Niranjanpur Mandi Samiti, Vijay Thapliyal said that the rates will return to normal in one week. The prices of tomatoes and onions which are the key kitchen vegetables have almost doubled in the past 10 days in both wholesale markets and the retail market. While the price of onion has gone up from Rs 20 to Rs 50 per kilogramme this week, the tomatoes are being sold from Rs 50 to Rs 60 per kilogramme by local vendors in Dehradun compared to the Rs 25 to Rs 30 per kilogramme rates for which they were being sold earlier. The prices of onions usually decrease during Navratri due to its lower consumption but it skyrocketed this time. Talking about this, Thapliyal said that the prices of onions and tomatoes have increased due to unseasonal heavy rainfall in some cities like Bengaluru and Nashik which are among the main suppliers of these vegetables. He stated, “The prices of onions and tomatoes generally rise during monsoon. It is not raining here anymore but due to recent unseasonal heavy rainfall in main producing cities of some states, the supply was affected which has caused a hike in their prices.” However, he added that the rates of these vegetables will be back to normal once the local supply will restart again in Uttarakhand. “The supply of onions and tomatoes from mountainous regions here almost reduces to zero during the monsoon. However, the supply will resume in the next few days and the prices will automatically get lower in the market,” stated Thapliyal. He said that the situation will also get better in the supplying states and the prices of the said vegetables will return to normal after one week. The Mandi secretary also informed that he has also formed teams to check unnecessary overpricing of vegetables in the markets by local vendors during the festival season. He said that the teams will start the inspection on Friday

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