Tobacco users at 50 % higher risk from Covid-19

Monday, 31 May 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

Chest and respiratory disease expert at Himalayan hospital, Jolly Grant, Dr Rakhi Khanduri has said that the risk of severity of infection of Covid-19 and fatality from the disease in tobacco users is 50 per cent higher than the non users.  She said that the use of tobacco has a deteriorating effect on the immunity of the body due to which the body becomes more vulnerable to attack of the virus. Dr Khanduri said that the theme of this year’s World No Tobacco day is ‘commit to quit’ which is quite appropriate considering the prevailing pandemic.

She said that use of tobacco damages the layer of lungs due to which they become more sensitive to the contagion of Covid-19. Tobacco use also affects immunity. Dr Khanduri said that the habitual tobacco users tend to spit more due to secretion of saliva which increases the chances of spreading the infection. She said that with a strong will power one can say no to the use of tobacco. Dr Khanduri said that meditation helps in overcoming stress and desire for use of tobacco.

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