Three drown while bathing in seasonal river

Monday, 10 October 2022 | PNS | HARIDWAR

Three persons who had come to attend the annual Urs at Piran Kaliyar Dargah near Roorkee drowned to death in a river near Dhanauri on Sunday. The bodies of a child and a woman were recovered while the police were searching for the body of a man till the time of this report was filed.

According to sources, people attending the Piran Kaliyar Urs were taking a bath near the Bawandarre Kund in Solani river near Dhanauri. While bathing in the river, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh resident Anas (10) went towards a deeper spot where he started drowning. Seeing this, Rajni (19) of the same village, who was bathing in the river near him attempted to save the boy but she too drowned while attempting to save the child. Witnessing the scene, Amroha, Uttar Pradesh resident Khursheed (40) also attempted a rescue but he too drowned in the river. As others in the area screamed in alarm, some of the villagers and personnel of the water police were able to retrieve the child and the woman but the duo had died by then. Dhanauri police post-in-charge Naresh Gangwar said that a search was being undertaken to recover Khurshid’s body.

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