Swine flu claims one more life in State

14 new cases reported on Wednesday; the disease has claimed 18 lives, 95  positive cases so far

The death toll due to Swine flu in Dehradun is on the rise. On Wednesday,  one more death due to H1 N1 has been reported by the state health department. A 26- year- old woman patient, a resident of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh ( UP), has succumbed to the H1 N1 virus. She was admitted at Mahant Indiresh Hospital with complaint of high fever and breathlessness and was later reported positive for the disease. With her death, the number of patients who have so far died from the disease this season has increased to 18. The health department has also reported 14 more cases of the disease on the day when the swab samples have been found positive. The chief medical officer (CMO) Dehradun S K Gupta said that 95 patients have so far been found positive for Swine flu this season. CMO   further said that all the medical professionals have been asked to keep track of the suspected cases of the disease and inform each of them to the district health department. He claimed that all the hospitals have adequate stocks of the required medicines and they have been asked to set up isolation wards to treat Swine flu patients. Thursday, 07 February 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

Swine flu suspects on the rise

While three patients from the district have succumbed to  Swine flu so far  the district hospital has received one more suspect on Wednesday morning. The people say that the awareness drive is yet to be launched despite the spread of the disease. It is learnt that the out- patient department of the Harmilap district hospital has received a  suspected Swine flu patient on the day. Speaking to The Pioneer,  the senior physician at the hospital Dr Sandeep Tandon said, “We have given Tami flu to the patient asked him to be in constant touch with us. Besides, we told him about the precautions he has to take. He has been further asked to come to the hospital after three days. His condition is not that serious.” The doctors claimed that no Swine flu suspect had visited the hospital over the past three days.  The deputy CMO Dr H. D Shakya said while talking to The Pioneer, “Till date,  three patients from Haridwar have died in Dehradun while undergoing treatment for Swine flu. The situation is under control. The patients are being treated. We are alert.” Dr Mohit Chaudhry of integrated child development services in the district hospital admitted that in spite of proactive measures being taken, two to three Swine flu-related deaths are reported every year. “Efforts are being made to integrate the Ayush centre with the allopathic centre so as to help the patient to strengthen his immune system through Ayurvedic concoctions which have no side effects. Allopathic medicines act effectively when the body’s immunity is strong,” he added. The locals, however, say that the district hospital doctors are not taking the fever cases seriously. As per the refrain running among them, the required tests are carried out when the condition of the patient turns serious.  Rajni Chabra of Kankhal said that her sister had died due to the same negligence. “She visited the district hospital. But the delay in diagnosis led to her death at  Jollygrant Hospital,” she complained.
Thursday, 07 February 2019 | PNS | Haridwar

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